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Dutch Rubber Seals [Moulded Products]
Moulded Products
Examples of moulded products:

(reinforced) diaphragms, bellows, grommets, lipseals, valves, oilseals, caps, rubber-metal-, rubber-plastic-bondings, (reinforced) moulded hoses and so on.

For the manufacturing of moulded products tools are needed, which are mounted on compression moulding-, transfer moulding- or injection moulding-machines. After production, several finishing methods might be necessary, such as punching, deflashing, washing, chlorinating, fluorinating, teflonising.

Dutch Rubber Seals supplies both small and large series, in compounds with hardnesses between 25 and 95 degrees Shore A.The moulded products can also be supplied in compounds which meet the national and international standards FDA, KTW, WRAS, ACS, NSF, EN549 and standards of important car manufacturers.

The elastomers which are generally used:

NR – natural rubber
SBR – styrene butadiene
EPDM – ethylene propylene
CR – chloroprene rubber
NBR – nitrile rubber
HNBR – hydrated nitrile rubber
IIR – butyl rubber
FKM – fluoro elastomer
VMQ – silicone   (also LSR – liquid silicone rubber !)
FVMQ – fluoro silicone